Introducing Our Teff

Teff is a naturally grown gluten-free grain.  Our Teff grain is non-gmo certified and can be consumed as grain or as flour.  

We mill our Teff grain in the age-old manner with stone mills to produce a finest Teff flour (brown, dark brown, ivory or white).

Teff is well known for its properties as being a super ancient grain.  Despite Teff being the smallest grain in the world, it packs a punch with multiple high nutrients than any other normal sized grain.
Teff is also a fabulous source of fiber.

The Teff Flour is mainly used for the making of traditional Injera Bread, however, it is also versatile and can be used in many other ways such a making a breakfast porridge or used in any other gluten-free recipe.

Lucerne / Alfalfa

‘Icon’ was developed by selection among survivors from old fields of ‘Aurora’. Plants were selected on plant characteristics, superior fodder yield,
reliable seed production and improved disease and pest resistance.
In each cycle of selection plants with superior features were retained and others were eliminated before flowering.

The Australian variety ‘Aurora’ has performed very well in New South Wales and Argentina.
The aim was to produce a broadly adapted and high yielding variety by selection of superior plants from within a proven variety.
Traditional breeding methods were used to develop ‘Icon’





Seed Treatments

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Bakery Seeds







AgriCOTE® Coated seed with added nutrition for improved seedling survival and protection against insects and fungi.

AgriCOTE® is an unique coating around the seed that aids the seed during establishment by providing added nutrition and protection against insects and damping-off. AgriCOTE® will provide better seed-to-soil contact needed for successful establishment.

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Since introducing long fallows I have seen a noticeable improvement in soil health and increased cane yields. I use my cover crops as grazing and food for my stud herd. The mixes I use promote diversity in the soil, as well as in the animals’ diets.”

I am cutting record yields for my farm and the only major change I have made to the operation is the inclusion of cover crops. I have only found positives in cover cropping – no negatives.”

Including pulses in your diet will protect you against a number of illnesses. It addresses global malnutrition, due to low cost and nutritional value.”

I find that long fallows allow me to produce quality-certified seed cane, which does not affect the profitability of the fields. Cover crops have reduced the soil compaction, making my soils more easily workable.”

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