About Us

About AGT Foods

AGT Foods is a value-added pulse, staple food and ingredient processor for export and domestic markets. Through its offices and processing facilities located in some of the best agricultural growing regions in Canada, the U.S., Turkey, China, Australia and South Africa and merchandising and sales offices in the U.K., the Netherlands and Spain, AGT Foods produces a full range of pulses and specialty crops including lentils, peas, chickpeas, beans and canary seed as well as food ingredients such as pulse flours, proteins, starches and fibres. Its subsidiary in Turkey, the Arbel Group, produces staple foods such as Arbella Pasta, rice and milled wheat products, including bulgur and semolina. AGT Foods is listed and trades in the Toronto Stock Exchange. In South Africa AGT Foods represents the Retail, Hospitality, Spices, Ingredients, Popcorn, Bakery and Protein Divisions, which falls under the Retail Division and is sold through all major supermarkets in South Africa.

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Mission Statement
  • To trade only in the highest quality agricultural products
  • To supply crops and products at market related prices
  • To supply these products to our clients both efficiently and promptly
  • To employ competent people, without any reference to race and gender
  • To build on our existing, well-established ties with our customers and suppliers – many relationships have been in place for over 30 years
  • To become a leading agricultural trading and supply company both in Southern Africa and Internationally
  • To improve and increase the living standards and working conditions of our employees
What We Do


Operational Profile


Forage Seeds

Production and Sale of Forage Seeds to the domestic and international markets


Open Pollinated Field Seeds

Production of Open Pollinated Field Seeds for the African continent


Legumes and Pulses

Production and marketing of legumes and pulses for the world markets


Specialised Turf Seeds

Import and marketing of specialised turf seeds to the domestic market


Premium Popcorn

Production and marketing of South African Premium Popcorn worldwide


Confectionary Seeds

Marketing of confectionary seeds for human consumption to the industrial and baking industry