About Us

AGT Food and Ingredients is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of staple foods and food ingredients in the world, and with our Teff super food range we aim to keep South Africa nourished. 

We source from accredited farmers around our 40+ facilities located in the best growing regions in Canada, the United States, Turkey, India, Australia and South Africa.  We ship our products to over 120 countries around the globe. 

AGT Food and Ingredients (formerly Alliance Grain Traders) was founded in 2007 and founded on the following mission statement, based on the operational philosophy that has made all areas of the group leaders in food products:

“To provide clean and quality product with reliable and timely shipments, competitive pricing and flexible delivery arrangements for bulk, bagged and packed ancient grains, pulses and foodstuffs. Our commitment to supply guaranteed quality to our clients is ensured through comprehensive production, execution and quality control.”

This philosophy is part of our guiding principle…

From Producer to the World”.

Our Teff

Teff is a naturally grown gluten-free grain.  Our Teff grain is non-gmo certified and can be consumed as grain or as flour.  

We mill our Teff grain in the age-old manner with stone mills to produce a finest Teff flour (brown, dark brown, ivory or white).

Teff is well known for its properties as being a super ancient grain.  Despite being the smallest grain in the world, it packs a punch with multiple high nutrients than any other normal sized grain.  Teff is also a fabulous source of fiber.

The Teff Flour is mainly used for the making of traditional Injera Bread, however, it is also versatile and can be used in many other ways such a making a breakfast porridge or used in any other gluten-free recipe.


We understand the importance of good quality grains and pride ourselves in contracting only the best farmers to grow and produce for us.  

AGT Foods prides itself on stringent controls systems, from farmland to buyer.

Annually, we employ multiple certified agronomists across South Africa to manage the farmlands correctly, educating and advising, ensuring the best Teff is produced and harvested.

We care about the pertinent issues, such as:

  • Grain size
  • Grain color
  • Purity 

AGT Foods has 2 varieties of Teff available for purchase, namely:

  • Brown
  • White