Open Pollinated Maize Seed

Open Pollinated Maize Seed


Open Pollinated Maize is an annual summer crop. Globally, Maize is one of the top produced cereals, used for human and animal consumption.

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Open-pollinated maize seed refers to a type of maize seed that is pollinated naturally by wind, insects, or other natural means, as opposed to being genetically modified or hybridized. This means that the offspring of open-pollinated maize will have the same genetic characteristics as their parents, and they can be saved and replanted in subsequent seasons, maintaining the genetic purity of the original variety.

Open-pollinated maize seed has been used by farmers for generations, and it is often associated with traditional farming practices. This type of seed is usually more adaptable to local conditions and can be better suited to the specific environmental conditions and soil types found in a particular region.

Open Pollinated Maize is an annual summer crop. Globally, Maize is one of the top produced cereals, used for human and animal consumption. This crop grows best where 600 to 1500 mm rainfall per annum is available. It can tolerate temporary dry conditions when young. Production potential is influenced by soil fertility, environmental conditions, the cultivar chosen, plant density and management skills.
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